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Royal Locksmith Store Denver, CO 303-729-2868Think of a few things that you utilize almost every day. Immediately, keys happen to be one of the things that pop up in your mind. Although, they are sturdy and metallic, we must acknowledge that they are put to severe usage. Hence, they undergo more wear and tear than any other component. Rusted keys are quite a warning sign to many of us to get it fixed immediately, but little do we bother. What would happen if on one fine day, the key broke in the lock? Not a clue? We know how strenuous such a situation can be as everything seems to be impossible! Worry not and call Royal Locksmith Store to get the broken key from the lock and to craft a new one onsite.

What causes a key to break?

Any component that is constantly put into use is bound to wear down with time. Apart from constant usage, there are two other reasons for your keys to break in lock:

  • Presence of ‘weak points’
    The ‘weak points’ of a key are the deep cuts and grooves formed on the surface of the key. After using the key for a certain span of time, they may snap due to the higher presence of a few weak points.
  • Use of light-weight materials
    There are a few hardware shops that don’t bother to pay attention to the quality of the keys made. They tend to use light-weight material that generally causes the keys to snap off as time passes by.

Key trouble? Call in the experts

If your key broke in the lock, you can hardly do anything to fix it! Either you have to do something as drastic as prying the lock open, or trust a professional to deal with the locks. If you think the procedure is complicated and bothersome, just let the professional do it and you’ll see how easily things get done!

Why choose Royal Locksmith Store?

When we deal with locks, one thing must be kept in mind. We need to ensure that no damage is done when we retrieve the key broke in the lock. A non-destructive retrieval procedure is only the right thing to do. Royal Locksmith Store is just the right firm for you in Denver, CO as our locksmiths will retrieve the broken key from the lock without causing any kinds of damage to the locks in the meanwhile. Apart from that, they will craft a new set of keys on the spot.

What more shall we say? Did your key break in the lock? Call Royal Locksmith Store at 303-729-2868 immediately for help!